Do you wish your children to climb the higher education ladder?

Have you ever thought of the possibility of paying your children’s fees effortlessly from the Senior Secondary School (SSS) through to the tertiary institution?

What arrangements have you put in place to ensure uninterrupted education for your children whether you are alive or dead?

The Flexi-Child Education Plan has all the answers for you.

All parents wish the best for their children. And today, more than ever before, the key is a decent education.

It provides an easy and effective way to give your children that chance. The plan offers healthy investment returns and other attractive benefits.

What is the Flexi-Child Education Plan?
It is a special Policy designed to meet the expenses incurred in the education of children.

How does the Plan Work?
A minimum monthly premium of Sixty Ghana Cedis GH¢60.00 is payable, but it is advisable to raise this to an affordable amount.

You can also pay in additional amount(s) of money at any time to accelerate the growth of the INVESTMENT ACCOUNT. There is no maximum limit to the premium contribution that you can pay, and premium can change whenever your financial circumstances improve.

After building up the INVESTMENT ACCOUNT for two years the parent is permitted to withdraw from it to settle the child’s bills. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to take this policy early when their children are young so that they could build up enough funds in the INVESTMENT ACCOUNT to enable them meet the educational expenses.

How does it differ from other Child Education Policies?
Other child education policies are designed to cease when the child attains age 16. This plan recognizes that parents begin to spend heavily when their wards are about to enter secondary and tertiary institutions.

It therefore takes the burden of school fees and other expenses off parents through regular savings/contributions.

You can choose to use one policy for the benefit of several children, unlike the other plans which takes care of one child at a time.

Can I Plan for my Unborn Child?
Yes, you can take the policy, except that you will make your next-of-kin your beneficiary. Immediately your child is born, apply to substitute your child’s name in place of your next-of-kin.

Can One Include all his Children in one Flexi-Child Education Policy?
Yes, you can do that. It may, however, be advisable to increase your monthly contribution to adequately cover all the children.

How can I know the Balance in my Account?
You will be provided with financial statements which will keep you informed of your INVESTMENT ACCOUNT on request. The statements will, among other things, show your total contributions, death benefits, cash value and interest accrued so far. It will also give details of any credits and debits during the past year.

Added Advantage
You can increase premiums each year to fight inflation and to increase the policy benefits. The plan can be tailor-made to suit your child’s ambitions.

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