Vanguard Life Student Welfare Assurance Plan seeks to provide a comprehensive life insurance cover in a form a lump sum under a single policy in the eventuality of death (both accidental and natural) or total permanent disability of a student or his/her guardian (insured life).

At Vanguard Life, we will guide you through a process of benchmarking insurance benefits against that of your peers and international companies to ensure your students and their guardians have the best risk benefits.

We do believe that, this partnership will help improve the welfare of your students as well as the corporate perception of your institution by the general public.

The following summarizes the benefits which are offered to students and their guardians to cover under the Student Welfare Assurance Plan against Life events which will have a financial impact on the welfare of the student.

The categories of benefits include All Occurrences Benefits and Group Personal Accident. Each of the benefit categories fulfil a need for the student.

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